Your Complete Guide To Catadioptric Lenses

Mirror lenses - for sale

The lenses below are used and part of a private sale.
They are sold as seen, but both are in perfect working condition.

Tamron 500mm f/8 SP £160 + £10 P&P

This is arguably the best mirror ones made. Optics are clean with no scratches, but few specs of dust on inner areas doesn't affect quality. The lens has good contrasts so it's possible to get very good powerful telephoto shots from this, but like all mirror lenses needs to be used with care, especially on focusing accuracy. Itrequires a Tamron Adaptall Mount fitting (not included)to attach it to the camera. Mounts were made in most (probably all manual focus camera fittings...so can also be used straight on modern digital Nikon and Pentax cameras via Adaptall 2 mount or Sony/Olympus/Canon with additional converters. Tamron SP 500mm f/8

Ranger 500mm f/8 Multi-coated £60 + £8 P&P

A budget lens of slightly higher quality to Centon/Opteka type. Lightweight and connects to camera using T2 mount fitting (not included). It has a 77mm filter thread Ranger 500mm f/8 Multi-coated

Calumet Photo Free Ship 120x90


A collection of used lenses, caps and accessories for sale.

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